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Right flank, march

With an eye on the presidency, Jair Bolsonaro is bringing ultraconservatism to the electoral playing field

Consuelo Dieguez

The guarantor

The rise and controversies of the economist Paulo Guedes, the ultraliberal who has entered into a marriage of convenience with Jair Bolsonaro

Malu Gaspar


A note on the Calabouço

The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas and slave prisons in 19th-century Rio de Janeiro

Stranded in Rocinha

No entrance exams for the students held hostage by Rio’s drug trafficking


Growing up in the town that became a byword for hate

A stage for Garrincha

A Brazilian hero goes through Robert Wilson’s assembly line

The wave

Reconstructing the tragedy at Mariana, the largest environmental disaster in Brazilian history

The hundred years’ war

Why Brazil can’t manage to defeat Aedes aegypti

The oil is theirs*

The story of the multi-billion-dollar lawsuit against Petrobras in the United States

Looking for Leff

How an American economist offered an innovative explanation for Brazil’s backwardness – and then disappeared

The Mentor

A ragtag army against deforestation in the Amazon


Rifts in the command of Petrobras have paralyzed the company, engulfed in the most serious crisis in its history, and heightened uncertainties as to the future

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