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The Life and Death of a Defiant Voice

The last moments of Marielle Franco, the socialist city councilor executed in the streets of a Rio de Janeiro under military control

José Roberto de Toledo

Stranded in Rocinha

No entrance exams for the students held hostage by Rio’s drug trafficking

Tiago Coelho


Growing up in the town that became a byword for hate

Flora Thomson-Deveaux


Risk contract

How Vale signed a deal to bear all the costs of an obscure multi-billion-dollar mining project in Guinea

The favela and its moment

UPPs and infrastructure investments seem to be the last nail in the coffin for the old sweeping favela-removal projects. While so often seen as problems with no solution, favelas can become part of the solution to the city's problems

After the 4-0

Santos’ defeat by Barcelona, besides being traumatic, is a watershed; it explains the crisis of Brazilian football and the poverty of our current football culture

The island laboratory

Three years after a devastating financial collapse, Iceland is held up as a model by European protestors, renowned economists and international organizations. With Europe on the brink of collapse, can we really learn anything from its example?

My pain doesn’t make the papers

In 2008, when I was a photographer for the newspaper O Dia, I went to live undercover in a favela for a report on the drug militias. I was discovered, humiliated, and tortured. I lost my wife, my children, my friends, my house, Rio, the sun, the beach, soccer, everything.

The president

Ricardo Teixeira determines how much the championships are worth, which network runs the games and which companies sponsor them. He’s the boss of Brazilian football, and he wants to pull off a flawless World Cup in order to be elected president of FIFA.