Lupe!: a Facebook-supported fact checking project for elections in Brazil

| Rio de Janeiro | lupa@lupa.news
02.abr.2018 | 07h40 |

The Brazilian fact-checker Agência Lupa on Monday announced Lupe!, a Facebook-supported project to fact check statements from candidates in this year’s presidential election, debunk rumors and verify information through a bot for Messenger.

(You can also read about Lupe! in Portuguese)

“When people are well informed, they can make better decisions. We want to help voters in Brazil find correct information about those who aspire to become our country’s leaders,” said Cristina Tardáguila, director of Agência Lupa, a member of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).

Project Lupe! will use a Messenger bot engine tested by the fact-checking project Les Decodéurs/Le Monde for the 2017 election in France. The technology was adapted by the civic app developer AppCívico, and will be made available to media outlets through Facebook.

“We believe civic technologies are key to give people voice. This bot for Messenger will help check content in an accessible and easy way,” said Thiago Rondon, executive director of AppCivico.

Facebook will fund Project Lupe!, as part of the company’s efforts to help build informed communities and promote civic engagement.

“We want to help reduce disinformation and promote high-quality journalistic content on the platform,” said Claudia Gurfinkel, Facebook’s head of news partnerships in Latin America. “Fighting misinformation is a challenge for all of us, and we are excited to be partnering with organizations like Lupa.”

Agência Lupa is one of Brazil’s first fact checking organizations, having verified over 3,000 sentences of content since 2015, most of it political content.

Project Lupe! will be hosted on Lupa’s Facebook Page, and will include the following:

Verification of statements – Project Lupe! will fact check statements of presidential and gubernatorial candidates and publish notes and video bulletins with its findings. All candidates will have the right to respond.

Bot for Messenger – People will be able to use a Messenger bot to fact check information about the elections. Lupa’s data base will help verify the content and determine whether it is true, false or distorted. It will also provide links to external articles about the topic.

Myth hunting – Project Lupe! will also help debunk repeated rumors about candidates. Lupa will get information directly from the campaigns, verify it and use it to set the record straight.

Educate about the electoral process – Lupa has worked with Brazil’s electoral authority to identify wrong assumptions about the electoral process, and clarify misinformation like the assumption that blank votes go to the winning candidate.

What is Agência Lupa? (In Portuguese only).

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O conteúdo produzido pela Lupa é de inteira responsabilidade da agência e não pode ser publicado, transmitido, reescrito ou redistribuído sem autorização prévia.

A Agência Lupa é membro verificado da International Fact-checking Network (IFCN). Cumpre os cinco princípios éticos estabelecidos pela rede de checadores e passa por auditorias independentes todos os anos

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