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decolonial issues

Dinosaur fossil Ubirajara returns to Brazil

How a Brazilian fossil smuggled to a German museum and now returned to Brazil became paleontology’s decolonization mascot

Bernardo Esteves

annals of law

“Clear the books”

What happened when investigators knocked on the door of one of Brazil's largest law firms

Ana Clara Costa

annals of a world gone awry

A note on three presidents, two bombs, and the end of the world  

João Moreira Salles

diplomatic affairs

The Silent Partner

Biden wants distance from Bolsonaro – but also wants Brazil aligned against China

Brian Winter


Criticism with a soul

Alfredo Bosi, his legacy and one last wave

Pedro Meira Monteiro

business in africa

The Billionaire behind the Vale

Who is the Israeli businessman, involved in an international corruption case, trying to drag the Brazilian mining company into it with him?

Consuelo Dieguez

The world without the Amazon

A climate model predicts the effects of turning the forest into cattle pastures: 25% less rain in Brazil and higher temperatures, with “catastrophic” consequences for agriculture and energy production

João Moreira Salles e Bernardo Esteves

Six conclusions about a model of the world without the Amazon

The price that Brazil and the world will pay if the forest continues to be cut down so that livestock can graze

Bernardo Esteves e João Moreira Salles

more stories

The Groundswell

How an unprecedented mobilization forced the Brazilian government to pay basic income to its poorest citizens in a matter of days

The great deception

When the rave is over, the collapse begins in the country hardest hit by the global economic crisis.

The environment as an obstacle

The declared war and the veiled war between the Bolsonaro government and the forces resisting deforestation

Malaria in her sights

A Brazilian demographer at Harvard hunts for Anopheles in Amazonia

Right flank, march

With an eye on the presidency, Jair Bolsonaro is bringing ultraconservatism to the electoral playing field

The guarantor

The rise and controversies of the economist Paulo Guedes, the ultraliberal who has entered into a marriage of convenience with Jair Bolsonaro

A note on the Calabouço

The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas and slave prisons in 19th-century Rio de Janeiro

Stranded in Rocinha

No entrance exams for the students held hostage by Rio’s drug trafficking


Growing up in the town that became a byword for hate

The fake hermit

An investigation into American writer Thomas Pynchon, who has never given an interview in his 54-year career

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